C O N V E R S A T I O N S.

“So, they aren’t hurt like they have a broken arm, but they are hurt in their  H E A R T S ? And you try and help them feel better?”


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H O N E S T Y  is something I value and try to teach my children.


So, when my seven year old daughter asks questions, I try my best to answer them…honestly.


“Mom, what do you do for #Fly? When you go to the mountains for 2 days for work, what do you do there?”


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I have thought long and hard about whether or not to share this. This was an  I N T I M A T E  conversation that I had with my child and I want to make sure I don’t cause her to feel uncomfortable by sharing our conversations as I am a  S A F E  place to her.


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It keeps coming to mind that I should…so I am.


“Remember how we have talked about how  O U R  body is special? And how  W E  are in charge of our body? And…remember how we talked about how we have special places on O U R body that we should keep special and  S A V E  them for their  B E A U T I F U L  purpose? Well, sometimes there are people in this world that don’t listen when someone says ‘No.’ And, sometimes there are tricky people who decide to touch other people’s beautiful private areas when they shouldn’t. When that happens it can hurt people and make them feel bad. I get to go help them not feel bad anymore and show them how beautiful they are. Sometimes bad and hard things happen but that doesn’t mean that we are bad. Do you understand that?”


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“So, they aren’t hurt like they have a broken arm, but they are hurt in their hearts? And you try and  H E L P  them feel better?”


I hate that these conversations need to happen. I hate that I have to teach my children about the ugly in this world.  My hope is that even though she knows of the ugly she can choose live beautifully amongst the chaos. Knowledge is power and I’d love for her to be                       P O W E R F U L. 




Special  T H A N K S  to Mikki Vandermyde (photographer), Brooke Gibbons with Brooke Gibbons Photography, and Amy Blood with Signature Brides for helping  S E V E N  women #Fly.


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