D E T A I L S.

#Fly had the O P P O R T U N I T Y to go to the Younique Foundation retreat again this week.



Many have asked to see our set up for when we go. Here it is! It all came together so nicely. We’ve got picture frames with quotes spread out around the room, also. The natural L I G H T is amazing creating the perfect spot for what we do. 

IMG_9764pinimageWe were able to give out 10 more necklaces this week. 10! I LOVE how these necklaces instantly connect us all together. Dogeared graciously D O N A T E D the necklaces for this past retreat.


The C R E W:

Brittany Sawatzki with Tanglez Hair and Makeup, April Benincosa Francom with Image Studios 360, and Me…Annie Vandermyde with #Fly. These ladies are talented. Getting to hang out with them? Even more A M A Z I N G. It is important to be able to go with the flow and work together. These gals were absolute gems. Turns out they have worked together for ages. Who knew?IMG_5686pinimageYF Sep 28-29_1766pinimageYF Sep 28-29_1760pinimageYF Sep 28-29_1759pinimageThis little P I N K square has quickly become one of my favorite things. One of the photographers brought one along last retreat and it was a hit! Giving these brave souls an instant image of their fresh new look is priceless.
YF Sep 28-29_1757pinimageDuring this retreat the women go through many different types of T H E R A P Y. The one I find most intriguing is art journaling. I, too, have started a type of art journal and it is so beneficial to my sanity. This painting caught my eye and it didn’t take long for me to figure out who’s it was. The gal who painted this is just as bold and bright as this piece.
YF Sep 28-29_2513pinimageAs I was walking around the cabin I was soaking in all of the details of this S A F E  H A V E N. To some this may just be a gathering place for reunions, parties, etc. But to 10 women each week during these retreats, this is a place of healing. A safe place to be vulnerable. Women in different stages of their healing who come to connect, progress, and find themselves again.


L U C K Y would be an appropriate word to describe how we feel at #Fly to have these experiences now imbedded in our hearts.

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