A lot of people have  A S K E D  where in the world I came up with the name #Fly. So many, in fact, that I felt it deserved it’s own post.

One day, a day that was filled with an uncomfortable amount of pain, I was sitting at my computer editing away. I decided to take a break for a second and jumped on Facebook. As I was scrolling quickly through the feed there was a Q U O T E  that caught my eye.

I’ll preface this next paragraph with saying I am not a quote  K I N D  of person. Or, at least I wasn’t at the time. I didn’t get the feel good mushy  F E E L I N G S  when I read them; until that moment. The moment I read a quote by Erin Hanson. A woman I know nothing about except that she changed my life forever.


“What if I fall? Oh, buy my darling, what if you fly?”


I couldn’t  B R E A T H. My heart was racing and my palms started to sweat. I read it over and over a gain.

I was afraid to fall. I was terrified to fall. Flat on my face. I had experienced so many hard things that year but knew I was C A P A B L E  of being more than I was.

From that moment on, whenever I would post something to social media of me doing something B R A V E , scary, independent, or something that pushed me out of my comfort zone thus creating growth, I would put #Fly under the image quietly documenting my growth.

As I was working on this P R O J E C T  and the decision was made to continue on it needed a name.

How fitting, in my mind, to call it #Fly.

And now I ask you…what if  Y O U fly?

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