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"Um...I Think You Need a Hobby."

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

That is the advice my husband gave me last year when I was having an identity crisis.

I'm pretty sure I rolled my eyes at him hard core cuz' I mean...NO I didn't have a hobby!

I was so busy! I was panicked about our life situation so much so that I started obsessing about everyone else's choices and actions. Trying to prevent more of the life we were working so hard from slipping out from under us. My momma bear paws came out full force with anything that would cause me more worry, stress, or straight up misery. I didn't have the brain power or the patience for a hobby. So, no, dear. I don't have a dang hobby.

We had been married a year. That is definitely NOT enough time to build a solid foundation for what we had thrown on our plate. I just wanted to hand the plate back and explain that I was full and say "No Thank you!" But, there was nobody there to hand it to.

Trying to blend a family of 9 while half of them live in another state, navigating a new marriage when both of us were still working through healing from the aftermath of our first marriage, job losses, financial despair, busting our butt in our own businesses only to feel like we were sliding down a muddy hill. And, oh yeah. We kept feeling like we were supposed to have baby because I guess 7 kids was just not enough.


It was hard.

And I was lost.

So, I found myself a hobby.

I started baking cakes.

Here's the deal. These cakes are SO much fun to create. The finished product is beautiful and totally photo worthy. And? They taste amazing and totally different than anything I've ever made before; Basil Ricotta, Lemon Bar, Oreo, Strawberry Lemon Poppyseed, Blueberry Muffin and so many more.

How can a cake bring me so much joy? I'll tell you all the ways.

My husband loves cake and I don't. I was unsure how this was going to work in our marriage because for heaven sakes if I make it I want to love it!

The fact that the finished product is so stunning makes me SO excited to then make them for my husband to enjoy. See how that balances out? It's like magic.

Next, I've committed these cakes to be a point of gathering. I wanna' invite people over to enjoy these creations WITH me. I'm not gonna lie. They are a lot of work. And they definitely aren't the most cost effect desserts out there. But we have loved sharing our home with friends and family each Sunday. It makes me SO happy.

The final thing is that I'm learning and growing with each cake. I am learning a new technique. I am discovering new ingredients I never knew existed. Clear vanilla? Um, yeah. Didn't have a clue. But now I do! Frosting discs? I got it covered.

I guess my question you have a hobby? Something that you sincerely can't WAIT to do? Something that you do for just you? Do you have a way that you are growing and not just sinking or sitting stale mate?

I hope so. After my eyes recovered from how hard I was rolling them at my husband I was able to see straight. I knew that his comment was coming from his heart. He wanted me to find happiness for just me. Outside of work. Outside of my family.

So this is me challenging you to find a hobby. Maybe just dabble at first. Is it wood working? Is it braiding hair? Is it cleaning and organizing (if so please help me.) Maybe its mountain biking, or water colors, or lifting, or underwater basket weaving. It really doesn't matter.

You have something out there ready to offer you joy. So what's it gonna be?

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